Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss - 60ml

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Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss - 60ml


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Conceal and fill in light scratches and swirl marks, enhancing the clarity and gloss of the paintwork finish. Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss micro filling technology instantly improves the finish without having to cut away paintwork.

  • Instantly Improves The Finish Of Your Paintwork
  • Self Leveling Micro Filling Technology
  • Fills Light Scrathes & Swirls Hiding The True Colour Of Your Paintwork
  • Enhance The Clarity, Leaving A Glossy & Reflective Finish
  • Quick & Easy To Apply By Hand Or Machine Polisher


Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss is developed with self-levelling micro filling technology and optical clarity enhancers which gloss over and fill in light swirls, scratches, and other imperfections. Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss creates a long-lasting ‘as new’ finish without cutting the paintwork.

The micro filling technology creates an enhanced deep mirror gloss finish which brings the colour and definition of the paintwork to life, instantly improving the finish of your paintwork without the need for extensive time-consuming polishing steps.  

Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss can be topped with your favourite Pure Definition wax or sealant to lock in and further extend the durability of the mirror gloss glaze.




Pure Definition's Super Soft Polish & Wax Applicators are a key tool when it comes to applying detailing formulations and treatments such as, polish, wax, vinyl gel and more. The applicator molds to the curvature of the bodywork ensuring even distribution of the product. The high-quality soft polyfoam cell structure is super absorbent, which makes applying the product very easy as it gradually releases the formulation.



Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss should be applied when you want to improve the condition of the paintwork without cutting into the paintwork (this can be a crucial factor in older cars/classics where the paintwork is still original). Additionally, Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss can be used when an 'as new' finish is required as quickly and as easily as possible.

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Wash your vehicle ensuring that all dirt is removed from the paintwork before applying Ultra Glaze Mirror Gloss. Do not use the glaze on contaminated, or dirty paintwork, as this will result in scratches or light imperfections.

Once the area to be glazed is clean, shake the bottle well and apply to an applicator if using by hand, or 4 pea sized drops to a pad if using a machine polisher. Work the glaze into the paintwork before buffing and removing the residue of the glaze with a microfibre cloth.

The formulation is developed in such a way which allows it to be topped with additional wax products to further enrich the depth of the paintwork and enhance the durability of the glaze.

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