Ultimate Leather Care Kit

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Ultimate Leather Care Kit


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Clean, treat and preserve all leather interior surfaces, gently removing dirt and grime leaving an indulgent finish keeping the leather protected and hydrated. The Ultimate Leather Care Kit creates the very best finish and protection, which will not alter the natural smell or the elegant colour of the leather.

  • Revives The Leather Surface - Remove Dirt & Grime From Leather Surfaces
  • Conditions And Hydrates Deep Into The Surface Of The Leather
  • Creates A Protective Clear Coating
  • Filters Out Damaging UV Radiation From Fading The Leathers Colour
  • Very Easy To Apply


Leather Care Restorer is one of the easiest and most friendly leather cleaners. It is gentle, but effective, focusing on safely removing dirt and grime without harming the leather. Additionally, using leather care restorer frequently aids in preserving the leather, keeping it soft and supple.

Once Leather Care Restorer has been applied it penetrates the pores, lifting the dirt and grime away from the surface. No streaky or soapy residue will be left after the cleaning process has been completed.  The formulation is completely colourless and without a scent, this is to ensure that the colour and natural smell of the leather is left intact.




Leather Care Balm is the ultimate maintain and protect treatment. The innovation formulation has been developed with a blend of specialist oils and waxes, ensuring the best protection while nourishing and restoring the surface for future protection.

As the treatment is applied it conditions the leather, feeding the formula deep into the pores. The coating technology bonds to the leather surface keeping it supple and protected, preventing from cracking, fading and discolouration.

If the leather is heavily soiled, first clean with Pure Definition's Leather Care Restorer. To use Leather Care Balm apply with an applicator and remove any excess with a separate, clean cloth.



This kit will start by cleaning and rejuvenating leather surfaces, the Leather Care Balm will then hydrate and add protection to the leather surface.

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Simply shake the bottle well prior to use and spray the Leather Care Restorer onto the area of the leather to be cleaned. Leave it to soak into the pores of the leather for approximately one minute.

Once the formulation has soaked into the leather, massage the area of the leather with the applicator provided. This will ensure that the dirt and grime is gently lifted and removed away from the pores of the leather.

Once this has been completed, wipe over the area with a damp cloth, making sure to turn the cloth frequently. This is to ensure a clean surface, then finally, leave the area of the leather to dry.


If the leather is heavily soiled, first clean with Pure Definition Leather Care Restorer. To use Leather Care Balm apply with an applicator and remove any excess with a seperate, clean cloth.

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