Sapphire Fusion Blue Wax Kit

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Sapphire Fusion Blue Wax Kit


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At Pure Definition, we have developed a range of high-performance products to restore the original colour and depth of your paintwork, to a like-new condition. 

Our blue paintwork restoration kit includes everything needed to renew the look of faded blue cars: A polish to remove fine swirl marks and restores reflective properties to the surface, a pre-wax cleanser to deep clean and increase the intensity of the paintwork colour, a blue wax to add protection and a high gloss shine to the finish of the paintwork. The Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer helps with the removal of each product and adds additional shine with each step. This product can also be used in between washing to restore the showroom finish.

  • Complete Kit Includes Everything Needed To Renew The Look Of Faded Blue Cars
  • Creates The Brightest Shine For Blue Paintwork  
  • Restores Paint & Adds A Deep, Rich Blue Shine
  • Exclusive Technology For Blue Cars
  • Transforms The Paintwork To The Next Level Of Definition & Brightness.


Diamond Fusion Ultra Compound polish is formulated utilizing micro-abrasive technology. The micro-abrasives focus on removing heavy to medium paint defects with the precision and clarity that perfectionists demand.

Polishes out heavy to medium paint defects and imperfections, leaving the paintwork ready for a final polishing stage using Crystal Fusion Final Finish polish in situations where the paint defects are very heavy multiple applications may be required.

The Diamond Fusion Ultra Compound micro-abrasives ensure that the defect removal is permanent. This ensures the best possible finish, rather than just filling in the scratches and defects.




Pre-Wax Cleanser is developed to be applied just before the waxing stage. This formulation is designed to enhance the clarity of the finish, creating a fresh clean surface which makes it easier for the wax to adhere to the paintwork. A well-prepared surface will really make the paintwork colours pop and enhance the finishing quality of the wax.

The Pre-Wax Cleanser will chemically clean and nourish the surface, conditioning deep into the pores of the paintwork. To ensure the best possible finish to the paintwork a pre-wax cleanser is key. The maximum depth and shine to the paintwork surface can only be achieved by properly preparing the paintwork prior to waxing. 




Sapphire Fusion has been specially developed to take blue and dark coloured paintwork to the next level of depth and reflection. Once applied it intensifies the colour and clarity of the paintwork, imparting an elegant reflective mirror finish which truly lasts.

Sapphire Fusion repels water and contamination, making it even easier to wash and dry your vehicle. The ultra-slick advanced formulation offers extreme paintwork protection and durability for up to 10 months. Sapphire Fusion will protect and withstand against all environmental conditions such as, rain, snow and UV radiation, which would cause fading and discolouration if not protected against. Sapphire Fusion creates the brightest shine for blue and dark shades of paintwork.




Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer keeps your vehicle looking clean every day between washes. Cleans and rejuvenates paintwork, glass, mirrors and trim. removes light traffic film, bird lime and fingerprints.

Leaves an ultra slick nano polymer wax layer designed to enhance the gloss and depth. Also, adds a quick additional layer of protection to paintwork. The nano-polymer formulation aids in reducing surface tension, creating a highly lubricated layer which enhances the performance of detailing clay when used as a lubricant.

Pure Colour Definition™ Technology

Pure Definition developed Colour Definition™ Technology to ensure the very best clarity, reflection, shine and finish for the colour tone of your vehicle. The unique Pure Colour Definition™ Technology magnifies the appearance of the paintwork for a true eye dazzling colour experience.

Sapphire Fusion is created with Pure Colour Definition™ Technology to create a wax which is handcrafted to work on dark and blue paintwork colours. Once applied it adds depth to the colour of the paintwork, imparting an elegant reflective mirror finish which truly lasts. Sapphire Fusion is the perfect wax for dark and blue coloured paintwork.



The Flawless Edgeless Microfibre cloths are developed to polish, buff and shine all vehicle surfaces faster, more thoroughly and more safely than other microfibre cloths on the market. The dual pile weave is ultra-plush to the touch, ensuring no scratching or streaking, even on the most delicate vehicle paintwork. The ultrasonic cut, plush edgeless surround of the microfibre towel guarantees no hard edges on the microfibre, creating a swirl free experience.

Our orange Flawless Microfibre cloths are 30x40cm in size and are suitable for the majority of detailing tasks; such as removing polishes, waxes and cleaning all surfaces inside or outside of your vehicle. The plush 365GSM thickness helps absorb the polish, wax and cleaning solutions, while ensuring dirt is pushed deep inside the cloth away from the surface been cleaned, preventing any scratching to the surface.



Pure Definition's Super Soft Polish & Wax Applicators are a key tool when it comes to applying detailing formulations and treatments such as, polish, wax, vinyl gel and more. The applicator molds to the curvature of the bodywork ensuring even distribution of the product. The high-quality soft polyfoam cell structure is super absorbent, which makes applying the product very easy as it gradually releases the formulation.



We specialise in virtually every detailing product, check out our categories below to help navigate the range of our products to find specific products for your detailing task. Don't forget to take a look at our detailing kits category below, you can make great savings by purchasing a range of products!

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