Residue Coating Remover Increase Durability of Car Wax Polish Pure Definition ®

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Residue Coating Remover Increase Durability of Car Wax Polish Pure Definition ®


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Remove old paintwork coatings such as waxes or polish residues, leaving a freshly prepared surface. The fresh surface will enhance the chemical bonding of all Pure Definition waxes and sealants, increasing the longevity of the products.


✅  Remove Polish Residues, Polymer & Wax Coatings


✅  Enhance The Chemical Bonding Of Waxes & Sealants


✅  Creates A Chemically Clean Surface


✅  Leave A Completely Decontaminated Surface


✅  Shows True Condition Of Paintwork Covered By Polish & Wax


Coating and Residue Remover is developed to remove all polish residues and to allow durable chemically bonding of Pure Definition polymer coatings and waxes. This advanced formulation has been developed specifically to remove and dissolve polish residues, polymer and wax coatings. The formulation will flash off to leave a completely decontaminated surface.


Coating and Residue Remover strips back the residues that can fill and mask minor imperfections showing the true condition of the paintwork. Additionally, wiping the surface before applying a polymer or wax coating will enhance the durability of the product.


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