Rapid Bug & Tar Remover

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Rapid Bug & Tar Remover


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Keep your bodywork immaculate and eliminate the stubborn splattered bug and tar marks which regular washing will not remove. Bug and tar stains ruin the finish of your clean paintwork, especially for vehicles with lighter colour paintwork.

  • Advanced Formulation
  • Eliminates Stubborn Tar
  • Outstanding Value
  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Results
  • Removes Stubborn Tar & Glue

Rapid Bug and Tar Remover is developed to eliminate stubborn bug and tar from the paintwork. Tar is flicked onto the paintwork from the road surface in warm conditions. These tar spots will show up and impair the finish on the paintwork, especially on light coloured cars.

The formulation will break down and remove these contaminants as well as, glue residue, fuel stains and tree sap. Once the contaminants have been removed it is recommended to apply a protective wax over the top of the paintworks surface. This will make any other future contaminations easier to remove, as the slick wax layer will make the surface a lot harder for the contaminants to bond to the paintwork.


Rapid Bug & Tar Remover should be used when you need to remove very stubborn bug or tar marks from the paintwork which can't be removed by regular cleaning. Once this product has been used it is recommended to apply a wax or sealant to the surface of the paintwork.

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Simply shake the bottle well prior to use and apply the bug and tar remover onto the area of the paintwork to be cleaned. Leave it to soak into the contaminated area for approximately one minute. Once the formulation has soaked into the area remove and clean away the contamination and residue with a microfibre cloth or applicator.

Heavily contaminated areas may require multiple applications and gentle rubbing with a microfibre cloth to aid the bug and tar formulation in breaking down the contaminated area. Once this has been completed, apply a protective wax to the cleaned area.

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