Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer 500ML

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Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer 500ML


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A Quick Detailer which refreshes the bodywork of your vehicle in between washes removing the light covering of dust and traffic film transforming the finish back to as new. The formulation is enhanced with the addition of a high gloss polymer wax which will provide a top-up to the protection of the bodywork in between washes.

  • Cleans & Rejuvenates Paintwork, Glass, Mirrors & Trim
  • Removes Light Traffic Film, Bird Lime & Finger Prints
  • Ultra Slick Nano Polymer Wax Layer Enhances Gloss & Depth
  • Creates An Highly Lubricated Layer Which Enhances The Performance Of Detailing Clay
  • Provides A Top Up Of Wax Protection In-between Washes


Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer keeps your vehicle looking clean every day between washes. Cleans and rejuvenates paintwork, glass, mirrors and trim. removes light traffic film, bird lime and fingerprints.

Leaves an ultra slick nano polymer wax layer designed to enhance the gloss and depth. Also, adds a quick additional layer of protection to paintwork. The nano-polymer formulation aids in reducing surface tension, creating a highly lubricated layer which enhances the performance of detailing clay when used as a lubricant.




The Flawless Edgeless Microfibre cloths are developed to polish, buff and shine all vehicle surfaces faster, more thoroughly and more safely than other microfibre cloths on the market. The dual pile weave is ultra plush to the touch, ensuring no scratching or streaking, even on the most delicate vehicle paintwork. The ultrasonic cut, plush edgeless surround of the microfibre towel guarantees no hard edges on the microfibre, creating a swirl free experience.

Our orange Flawless Microfibre cloths are 30x40cm in size and are suitable for the majority of detailing tasks; such as removing polishes, waxes and cleaning all surfaces inside or outside of your vehicle. The plush 365GSM thickness helps absorb the polish, wax and cleaning solutions, while ensuring dirt is pushed deep inside the cloth away from the surface been cleaned, preventing any scratching to the surface.


Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer should be used as an in-between wash cleaner to remove light dust and dirt, keeping the vehicle clean without needing to completely rewash. Additionally, Quick & Slick Gloss Detailer can be used as a clay bar lubricant.

Reviews (2)

Chris Wilson raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star

A very handy car detailing product, I use it in between washes to keep my car clean. A little of this product goes along way. The wax does leave a shiny finish to the paintwork as well.

Cherishdetail raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star

A good and handy product to have to complement the other products that can be purchased. Bought some the other day, used it after washing my car then it rained so I used it again and hey presto my car is shiny again. Cheers, I'll be in touch in the near future


Simply spray on and wipe off straight away, then buff the surface dry with a second microfibre cloth. Do one panel at a time, do not use the detailer in direct sunlight in high temperatures and do not let the fluid dry before buffing with a microfibre cloth.

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