Midnight Reflection - 150G

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Midnight Reflection - 150G


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Midnight reflection is the pure definition of shine. Developed with pure colour definition technology, midnight reflection is the perfect wax for black and dark coloured paintwork. Developed and handcrafted with a sophisticated blend of top-secret innovative ingredients to give the deepest shine and highest level of perfection and optimum paintwork protection.

  • Finest Handcrafted Wax  
  • Creates The Highest Optical Clarity Finish & Protection  
  • Slick Protective Wax Coating Makes Regular Washing Even Easier
  • Up To 10 Months Protection From Various Contamination & UV Radiation
  • Transforms The Paintwork To The Next Level Of Definition & Brightness.

Midnight Reflection has been specially developed to take black and dark coloured paintwork to the next level of elegance and reflection. Once applied it intensifies the depth and clarity of the paintwork, imparting an elegant reflective mirror finish which truly lasts.

Midnight Reflection repels water and contamination, making it even easier to wash and dry your vehicle. The ultra-slick advanced formulation offers extreme paintwork protection and durability for up to 10 months. Midnight Reflection will protect and withstand against all environmental conditions such as, rain, snow and UV radiation, which would cause fading and discolouration if not protected against. Midnight Reflection creates the brightest shine for the darkest paintwork.


Pure Colour Definition™ Technology

Pure Definition developed Colour Definition™ Technology to ensure the very best clarity, reflection, shine and finish for the colour tone of your vehicle. The unique Pure Colour Definition™ Technology magnifies the appearance of the paintwork for a true eye-dazzling colour experience.

Midnight Reflection is created with Pure Colour Definition™ Technology to create a wax which is handcrafted to work on dark and black paintwork colours. Once applied it intensifies the colour and deepens the reflection of the paintwork, imparting an elegant mirror finish which truly lasts. Midnight Reflection is the perfect wax for dark coloured paintwork.


Midnight Reflection should be applied after preparing the paintwork (if required with polish and/or Pre-Wax Cleanser). After application only use a PH Neutral car shampoo to clean the paintwork, such as Gloss Wash Shampoo or Pure Wash Shampoo.

Reviews (3)

David Shenton raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star

1 word amazing

Arthur Suttie raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star

tried the tester of this product today and im very impressed brings out the ultimate shine with great reflections easy to put on and take off ill be buying this from now on

Bradley Wallace raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star raiting star

I ordered a sample pot of this and was pleasantly surprised with its ability. Used over the glaze and the depth of gloss, clarity of shine and hydrophobic abilities were amazing. Easy on and easy off.


Wash your vehicle ensuring that all dirt is removed from the paintwork before waxing. Do not use the wax on contaminated or dirty paintwork. 

Once a layer of Midnight Reflection has been applied onto your paintwork, within Approximately 20 minutes it will transform into a rock hard protective layer. This layer locks in the colour, depth and clarity enhancers which are infused in the wax to create the unique and complex Midnight Reflection formulation.

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