Flawless Merino Wool Wash Mitt

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Flawless Merino Wool Wash Mitt


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Our luxury ultra-deep pile Merino wash mitt is made from the softest pure Merino wool from the finest Australian Merino sheep. It is one of the the plushest, thickest & softest car wash mitts on the market, the mammoth size of this wash mitt dwarfs the average sized pure wool mitts on the market.

  • Super Soft, Ultra-Deep Pile Merino Wool
  • Mammoth In Size
  • Extra Plush Fibres Provide Excellent Protection Against Swirls Marks  
  • Holds Huge Amounts Of Water
  • Extra Long Fibres Can Reach Into Any Hard To Clean Areas


The extra long and plush wool fibres provide excellent protection against swirls marks, guaranteeing the gentlest of washes even on the most delicate of paintwork. This wash mitt has a real thirst for water, holding huge amounts of water before displacing over the dirty surface.

The ultra-deep Merino wool pile ensures one of the safest washing methods available, significantly reducing the risk of swirl marks. While washing your vehicle the wash mitt draws the dirt particles safely from the surface, trapping deep inside the wash mitt until rinsed away after each panel is washed.

To ensure the best and safest environment, use in conjunction with a two bucket wash method and a quality car shampoo such as Gloss Wash Shampoo.


Merino Wash Mitt should be used with car shampoo to clean the vehicle.

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The Flawless Merino Wash Mitt ensures the safest swirl free wash, to use the wash mitt it is recommended to have two wash bucket, one bucket mixed with water and car shampoo and the second with only water to rinse the wash mitt after wiping/cleaning the vehicles surface. Wash, Rinse and Repeat until all dirt is removed from the vehicle and always clean the least dirty areas of the vehicle first.

*The Signature Plush range is the “Rolls Royce” of quality, hand crafted using the finest materials attainable to guarantee the best texture, softness, absorbency for your vehicle

*Wool fibre length 2.8 inches

*Do not machine wash, simply rinse clean and hang to dry naturally

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