Car H20 Aqua Wax Spay Gloss Sealant Paintwork Wash Rinse Aid Pure Definition

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Car H20 Aqua Wax Spay Gloss Sealant Paintwork Wash Rinse Aid Pure Definition


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H20 aqua wax is one of the quickest and easiest waxes to add shine and protection to your vehicle. The spray wax can be applied directly to a wet vehicle straight after washing, removing the need to dry your vehicle before applying the wax. Applying H20 Aqua wax also speeds up the drying process, as the water repellent wax coating aids in beading the water away from the surface.

  • Quickly Adds A Shine & Protection To Your Vehicle
  • Can Be Applied To Dry Or Wet Paintwork
  • Ultra Slick Nano Polymer Wax Layer Enhances Gloss & Depth
  • Water Repellent Coating Speeds Up The Drying Process When Used As A Rinse Aid
  • Provides A Top Up Of Wax Protection In-between Washes

H20 AQUA WAX - 1000ML

H20 aqua wax enriches the gloss and depth of the paintwork, creating a deep shine that seals and protect the paintwork from various contamination, and uv radiation. This specially developed formulation can also be applied to dry paintwork, as well as wet - leaving a slick water repellent surface which makes it harder for dirt and grime to stick to.

H20 aqua wax can also be applied on plastic, glass and rubber after every wash to quickly maintain the perfect finish of your vehicle.




The Flawless Edgeless Microfibre cloths are developed to polish, buff and shine all vehicle surfaces faster, more thoroughly and more safely than other microfibre cloths on the market. The dual pile weave is ultra plush to the touch, ensuring no scratching or streaking, even on the most delicate vehicle paintwork. The ultrasonic cut, plush edgeless surround of the microfibre towel guarantees no hard edges on the microfibre, creating a swirl free experience.

Our orange Flawless Microfibre cloths are 30x40cm in size and are suitable for the majority of detailing tasks; such as removing polishes, waxes and cleaning all surfaces inside or outside of your vehicle. The plush 365GSM thickness helps absorb the polish, wax and cleaning solutions, while ensuring dirt is pushed deep inside the cloth away from the surface been cleaned, preventing any scratching to the surface.



Pure Definition's Super Soft Polish & Wax Applicators are a key tool when it comes to applying detailing formulations and treatments such as, polish, wax, vinyl gel and more. The applicator molds to the curvature of the bodywork ensuring even distribution of the product. The high-quality soft polyfoam cell structure is super absorbent, which makes applying the product very easy as it gradually releases the formulation.


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Wash your vehicle Ensuring that all dirt is removed from the paintwork before waxing. Do not use H20 Aqua Wax on contaminated, or dirty paintwork.

Applying on a wet surface: 

Once the area to be coated is clean, shake the bottle well and spray H20 Aqua Wax onto the wet surface. dry the surface with a microfibre drying towel - this will spread the coating over the surface, then buff to a shine with a second clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Applying on a dry surface: 

Shake the bottle well and spray H20 Aqua Wax onto the dry surface. Buff the surface straight away with a clean microfibre cloth.

Always use a quality pH neutral shampoo to wash your vehicle, low cost non specialised shampoos, will harm the longevity of the protective sealed layer. 

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