Crystal Metal Guard (2+ Years Protection)

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Crystal Metal Guard (2+ Years Protection)


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Crystal Metal Guard is one of the most advanced metal coatings on the market today, developed utilising the very latest cutting-edge high-tech ingredients and technological advancements. This is our most durable metal coating available, offering optimum protection. Crystal Metal Guard has been engineered to cure naturally without the need for any expensive equipment or a special facility.

  • Strong & Durable Chemical Bond To Metal Surfaces
  • Offers Optimum Protection To Bare Metal  
  • No Specialist Expensive Equipment & Facility Required To Apply
  • 2 Years+ Protection From Oxidation, Corrosion & Various Contamination
  • Designed & Developed To Enhance Depth & Clarity  


Applying Crystal Metal Guard creates an outstanding durable chemical bond which provides the best possible scratch resistant protection for your metal surfaces. Crystal Metal Guard protects from a wide range of contaminants and enhances the depth and clarity of the finish. The innovative high-tech coating can be applied to exhaust tips, polished metal wheels, metal trim and countless other metal surfaces on your vehicle which are vulnerable to deterioration

Once applied it will bond to the metal surface for over 2 years, locking in the bare metal finish with a highly scratch resistant coating, additionally, making it extremely easy to keep the part clean. The inorganic chemical formulation of Crystal Metal Guard is also resistant to extremely high temperatures making it the perfect coating for exhaust tips.


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1. Remove all dirt and grime from the surface. Ensure the surface is completely dry. Wipe down the surface with a degreaser such as coating and residue remover. (if applying multiple layers this step is only required for the first layer).

2. Wrap the blue cloth around the applicator pad and drop between 5 and 10 drops of Crystal metal guard onto the cloth provided.

3. Apply to a small area at a time and Apply in overlapping strokes. Remove each area before moving onto another section.

4. If the surface temperature of the vehicle is 5-15°C wait two minutes before removing with a microfibre cloth. If between 15-25°C remove after one minute, above 25°C remove immediately. Never apply in direct sunlight and in temperatures over 40°C.

5. Multiple layers can be applied, let each layer cure for 2 hours before reapplying.

6. Do not get moisture or dust on the surface for 2 hours during the curing period. After this the surface is dry and the vehicle can be driven.

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