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Our extensive polish range at Pure Definition offers a wide variety of different grades of cut for each polish. Our polishes are designed and developed to cover a wide range of different levels of cutting ability. Our Pro Cut Compound is developed to revive the most neglected and heavily scratched paintwork, all the way to our 3IN1 Ultra Gloss which is designed to focus on very fine paintwork imperfections. 

Whether your car is brand new, a rare exotic, a real classic, is camouflaged in scratches, or just a light haze of swirl marks preventing that show winning shine, we have polish for every paintwork type. You don't need to be an expert in automotive detailing to achieve award-winning results - just let our tried and tested products do the work for you!

*For a wide range of polish & wax sets please, view our "kits" category. All items in the sets are selected to work together to offer the very best detailing results and performance.