Aqua Magnet Waffle Drying Towel

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Aqua Magnet Waffle Drying Towel


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Aqua Magnet Drying Towel is specially developed for absorbing large amounts of water quickly, up to 7 times its own weight. The unique honey comb filter and soft fibres guarantees drying with a streak-free and swirl-free finish, on even the most delicate car paintwork


  • Absorbs up-to 7 Times Its Own Weight
  • Honey Comb Waffle Weave XL 60 x 80cm Drying Towel   
  • Unique Honey Comb Design
  • Streak-Free, Scratch-Free, Lint-Free, Swirl-Free
  • Polishes, Drys, Buffs And Shines


Aqua Magnet Drying Towel is developed and designed to dry all vehicle surfaces quickly with its unique honey comb design. This design makes this towel 100% scratch-free on even the most delicate car finishes, including black and clear coated paintwork.


Aqua Magnet Drying Towel should be used to dry your vehicle after washing.

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After cleaning your vehicle and rinsing away the suds from the car shampoo you can start to dry the vehicle. To start with you want to start dying the highest areas of the bodywork first, such as the roof. This is because water droplets will be continuously dripping from the wet panels onto lower areas of the vehicle. If possible it is recommended not to wash your car in direct sunlight as the water can evaporate very quickly before you have a chance to: 1) Rinse away the suds on the panel 2) Dry away the majority of the water from the bodywork.


After using this item hang the item up to air dry naturally. Do not store the item away if it is still damp. After a few uses, you may wish to wash the towel. In this case, you will need to either wash by hand in a bowl of warm water with a detergent suitable for fabrics. Alternatively, you can machine wash the item at 40°C, do not use fabric conditioner as this will damage the properties of the internal structure of the fabric.

If washing this towel with other dirty items, please make sure you do not wash too many items at the same time and do not wash a heavily contaminated towel/cloth with other lightly contaminated towels/cloths. This is because the dirt can spread into the other cloths during machine washing and contaminate them.

*Size 24" x 32" or 60 x 80cm

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